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The exact solution for hair loss is only the hair transplant!

The way to achieve the most natural look is the technique and processes used for the hair transplant procedure as it determines the growth of healthy and strong hair follicles. It can be considered as the transfer of hair follicles from the donor area of the head to another less covered area.

In hair transplant grafts and hair follicles are different concepts. Grafts is the name given to the area containing the hair follicles in the donor area which are to be transferred to the hair transplant area. A graft can contain many hair follicles. The important thing is the fact how many grafts can be used in the planning of the hair transplant. For this reason the number of grafts and hair must not be confused.

The most important part of the operation is the determination of the number of grafts to be planted as well as the best frontal line and density in order to achieve the most effective results. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through the design of your hair transplant frontal line. He will examine the thickness and density of the hair as it will determine the suitable grafts in hair transplant. A detailed hair analysis of the donor area is required as well in order for the plastic surgeon to create the best plan for the transplant.

How to achieve the best hair transplant?

First of all the technique of extracting the grafts is the most important step for the grafts to be prepared for planting. The technique used in order to maintain the quality of grafts as well as protect the donor area from damages is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique. The special about it is that 25 minutes after the anaesthesia the grafts are extracted from the donor area one by one with special punches preventing any scars or cuts once the hair transplant is over. The technique shows an improvement of the donor area almost immediately after the operation. The grafts are transplanted with their entire roots eliminating any loss off sensation over the donor area.

How to achieve the best density in hair transplant?

Once the hair follicles are extracted an innovative technique called Percutaneous of planting the grafts is employed in order to place them in holes suitable to their natural structure. The recipient holes in Percutaneous technique are used mainly because they are suitable for the natural round structure of the grafts. It provides the hair transplant front line the most natural appearance by giving the accurate density and hair growth directions.

What is the innovation of Estethica in the Percutaneous technique?

Most of the adults who possess a normal hair thickness having 40-50 hair follicles in a cm2 for a normal density may easily achieve the desired results by transplanting 60 – 70 follicles in a cm2 with the single hair grafts transplanted in by single hair lines.

The right density has to be applied in order to get marvellous results. Another important point is the accurate angle of growth of the hair that must be taken into consideration during the hair transplant procedure. The success of the final result is increased by use of accurate angles as well as the density of follicles in a cm2.

With the FUE hair transplant by Percutaneous technique hair follicles are placed in round incisions in the recipient area opened by tiny needles. The holes imitate the natural structure of the hair grafts’ roots enrobes them, gives a stronger protection to new transplants. It prevents scars and provides a better healing.

Achieving the best results is only possible in the hands of the right plastic surgeons working with the last innovative techniques.

You are the one to choose to leave your hair in the hands of the specialists. You will get the best results as well as a lifelong guarantee certificate for hair transplant. For more information please fill in the form on the right and our medical consultants will get back to you with your very own treatment plan.

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